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Sicilian treasure – Cefalu

It’s getting cold out there, and we are slowly getting ready for the Christmas holiday. We love this time of the year, but our minds wander to sunny Italy and the memories of May holiday in Sicily. We want to take you on a virtual trip to Cefalu that we visited and fell in love […]

Perugia – city of universities, artisans and chocolate

Umbria is one of the underrated regions in Italy. It’s not the typical holiday place you would think about when planning a visit to “Bel Paese”. Nevertheless, it is a real gem, and we love exploring that part of Italy. We thought it could be great to share our discoveries and unveil the treasures of […]

Procida – the charming island of Naples Bay

The territory of Italy has roughly 450 islands, that means there are still many hidden enclaves to discover. A trip to the lovely islands of the Bay of Naples is definitely one to be added to the bucket list. This time we are travelling to Procida, the smallest of the Phlegraean Islands (Gulf of Naples), […]

What to see in Maiori & Minori

Our favourite spot in Italy – gorgeous Amalfi Coast stretches in the south of Italy in the region of Campania, and it’s dotted with little coastal towns. Everyone knows the famous coastal spots like Positano and Capri, but we want to bring you to a little less known locations. So let’s start with introducing Maiori […]

Umbrian treasure – Spoleto

A visit to Spoleto will make you fall in love with this hidden treasure of Umbria, located in the foot of the Apennine and surrounded by woods, water and hills. The town will leave you breathless thanks to its rich heritage in history and art. Visiting its historic centre will be a beautiful experience.   […]

Charming day trip to Tivoli

While in Rome, make sure to visit the surrounded towns like Tivoli and escape the hustle and bustle of the Capital. The city is located 30 kilometres northeast of Rome and has a vast range of fantastic attractions and sites to visit. In the past Tivoli was a prosperous town, loved by the Romans, and […]

Our adventure in Abruzzo

The idea of a slow-paced vacation was always on our mind. We got some time off in August so we decided to avoid the crowds and spend a week in Abruzzo.  We are sharing our amazing itinerary full of great findings and gorgeous spots, and hopefully, inspire you to check out the part of Italy […]

Alghero – Sardinian city with Catalan origins

Alghero – Sardinian city with Catalan origins Alghero is the 5th largest city of Sardinia, a lively place, full of charm with Catalan origins. It is a wonderful spot to learn about Sardinian nature, history and archaeology and, of course, food. The name of Alghero comes from the word “alghe” which means “seaweed”. The city was founded by the Genoese in […]

”Off the beaten path” of Lazio’s region

We are today introducing the “off the beaten path” of Lazio’s region – a town 80 km from Rome, called Rieti. It’s a great spot for some historical inspiration and finding tranquillity, while admiring beautiful mountainous scenery and exploring fascinating sites. Since ancient times, Rieti has been an important city, a crossroads between the Sabini […]

Our favorite town in Tuscany – Lucca

One of our favorite towns in Tuscany is Lucca. A perfect place to visit this spring. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, while walking and discovering cobbled stones streets filled with art galleries, artisan shops, and local trattorie. If you visit Lucca in summer, you can participate in the Summer Festival in Piazza Napoleone. This event brings some […]