Gladiator’s experience: Colosseum & Roman Forum

Gladiator’s experience: Colosseum & Roman Forum

Whether you are a big fan of Russell Crowe and the movie “Gladiator” or not, we are sure we can offer you an unforgivable experience. Join our tour and you will find yourself at the Colosseum, the largest-standing ancient arena where once gladiators battled in front of blood-thirsty crowds.

The Roman Colosseum, originally known as Amphitheatrum Flavium, was built in 72-80 ad by Roman emperors Vespasian and Titus. The amphitheatre was used for staging various events including gladiator fights, wild animal displays, theatrical entertainment, executions, religious ceremonies, mock sea battles and re-playing famous Roman victories.

Our tour starts at the VIP Entrance. We access the Arena Floor (a restricted area) through the Gladiator’s Gate from which you can admire this great monument and imagine yourself watching an epic gladiator show.

Nowadays not much remains of the original arena floor, as it was removed in the 6th century and recently reconstructed to give the visitors the idea of how did it look like. The arena itself is 83 meters by 48 meters. It comprised a wooden floor covered by sand covering an underground structure called the hypogeum (“underground”). From there the gladiators, actors and wild animals where lifted to the main arena. There were 36 trap doors in arena allowing for elaborate special effects and over 20 different types of Gladiators battling for entertaining the public and to save their lives! Some had also to fight against the emperor himself, as the case of the Roman Emperor Commodus. Unfortunately, most of gladiator died during fights with other gladiators, wild animal or Roman soldiers. At the end of the day, the gladiators who had been killed were dragged through the Porta Libitinensis (Gate of Death) to the Spoliarium where the body was stripped. A few however, managed to win their freedom and get the emperor’s favors.

After the Colosseum arena floor tour you’ll get to explore the general access areas – first and second level, where the best of Roman society used to sit and enjoy the show.

We will also take you to the Roman Forum to get the insights into the lives of Ancient Romans. The Forum is a district of temples, basilicas and vibrant public spaces, the very centre of the ancient city. Here, you can still observe what once where the shops of artisans, butchers and wine merchants. You can also admire the remains of the ancient temples where Romans were stopping to pray to Minerva, the God of war or Proserpina, for a good harvest. The Roman forum also includes part of a Roman cemetery, where people were buried in communal graves. It is divided into Augustus and Cesar’ forums, partially overlapping areas used by both emperors. There we can still observe the remaining walls of the Senate, where the senators, people representatives and later emperors were meeting to discuss the state businesses.

Enjoy our tour!