Solo travel in Italy


“Loving life is easy when you are abroad. Where no one knows you and you hold your life in your hands all alone, you are more master of yourself than at any other time.” – Hannah Arendt

If you are thinking about a solo trip, but you are not yet convinced, explore with us what it can bring into your life if you decide to pursue it. 

I am sure you are wondering what solo travel can do for you? I am telling you plenty of good experiences and adventures! I would even say that if you truly want to explore a place, you need to be on your own. Moreover, traveling on your own gives you a chance to get to know yourself better. It’s all about you, things you like to do and places you want to see—the time to enjoy your company.

It will make you feel good to be on your own even for a few days; in fact, start with a short trip a weekend even, get comfortable with being solo and looking differently at the surroundings. If it’s a short trip, there is a chance you might not even miss the company. However, if you start feeling lonely, there is always a solution: get into the local vibe and meet locals or other solo travelers. You begin the conversation easier as it’s just you. If you need company, you start chatting with a bartender or a waiter, don’t be shy; you might get the best travel tips from locals and discover places you have might have missed otherwise. Then you can always go back to your things, not worrying about others.

Another advantage of solo travel is no worries about the wrong company, complaints or that you can’t agree on what to do next. We often argue during holidays with our partners, friends, and relatives as we all have different needs, and some of us spend our vacations doing things we don’t enjoy. Solo travel allows you to immerse yourself in activities you love, not feeling guilty and worried for others.

I find it particularly refreshing and joyful to be in my own company. It’s like from a movie scene when the main character sits on her own in a restaurant. She simply enjoys the meal while the world goes by. It always makes me think about Carrie in ”Sex and the City” and Elisabeth Gilbert from ”Eat Pray Love”. Free souls who can ideally spend a day on their own, entertaining themselves and being happy with simple things.

Eating alone still does not give a positive vibe to many and is regarded as a situation when you are lonely and don’t have anyone to share the meal with. I find it so untrue. Once I tried it, I thought of it as a fantastic experience, and each time, I was getting new sensations and feelings.  Solo travel is a great time to start enjoying your meals on your own and genuinely savour each dish.

The most important is not to create obstacles in your head. And not to listen to others opinions. Focus on what is good and be in the moment. I am aware that solo travel might bring some fears and even anxiety. Many of you might worry that you can get bored on your own quickly. You are always thinking about what will you do next.

First of all, solo travel might look scary, but in reality, is liberating and gives you incredible freedom. It’s not about ticking your next stop but focusing on being present and getting comfortable with your own company. How to achieve that? My solution is to involve yourself in new situations, explore the unknown, and chat with locals discovering their stories, simply taking charge of your own time and creating your perfect days.

The best start to solo travel is deciding on the destination, checking all about the possible dangers and doing your research. So talking about a great solo travel destination, we need to mention Italy. A country that is rich in culture, safe and easy to explore. There is so much to do in Italy on your own, so let’s explore some options together.

For me, the small towns are a great start to your Italian adventure. They are not overwhelming, you can get to know them slowly, and there is still plenty to do and see.

Among the smaller towns, I would recommend seeing Trieste, Perugia (check our blogpost , Lucca (check our blogpost ), Siena, Viterbo, Salerno (check our blogpost),  and Alghero.

You could, for example, have a trip focused on Tuscan smaller towns, coastal towns, or get more into the mountains and visit places immersed in nature like Maremma in Tuscany: towns like Pitigliano, Grosetto, Sovana or areas in the Dolomites like Trento.

The second suggestion is Italian islands. I would choose the smaller ones like Procida, Ischia, Capri, Elba and Ponza . A great idea would be visiting all three Phlegraean Islands as they are relatively close, but each has a different vibe. They are pretty small, so you need a couple of days to see them. They are rich in culture and have outstanding scenery to take beautiful photos, plus you can take some relaxing time on the beach. You could start your adventure by flying to Naples then taking the ferry to Capri (check our day trip).

Here a must see is Villa Michele located in Anacapri. The Villa belonged to the doctor Axel Munthe, a philanthropist who made his home on the island. Today his villa is a museum that houses archaeology artefacts from different parts of the world, and its surrounded by lush gardens of unique beauty.

Next destination Ischia. And you can end up your trip in Procida, the smallest and the quietest of all three islands.

Here you can truly relax and get into a real, local vibe. Check our blog post about Procida.

If you need more inspiration, do not hesitate to contact us, and our team can help you create that perfect solo trip for you. Please share your stories with us; we would love to hear about your solo travel adventures!