Contemporary Rome

Contemporary Rome Book This Tour Contemporary Rome Walk into the Contemporary Art world. Join this experience dedicated truly to art lovers. Immerse yourself in the art and architecture of museums, hidden art galleries and artists’ studios. An art historian will guide you through a different side of Eternal City. Together you will explore some hot […]

Extra Virgin Olive Oil experience

Extra Virgin Olive Oil experience Book This Tour Extra Virgin Olive Oil experience Visit the Sabine Hills to participate in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil experience. This area is well known for the olive trees that are among the largest in Europe. The olive groves are still owned by local families and harvested by hand. […]

Hot springs’ paradise – Viterbo

Hot springs’ paradise – Viterbo Book This Tour Hot springs’ paradise – Viterbo Spend a day soaking in thermal springs, or relaxing in a luxurious spa. Viterbo has it all that you need to have a perfect wellness experience. Discover its hidden gems, the natural springs dotted throughout the countryside. Once you are entirely relaxed, […]

Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica Book This Tour Ostia Antica You will visit these beautifully-preserved ruins, located 30 minutes away from the capital. It was once the harbour of ancient Rome. Here, during the Roman Empire, ships full of goods and food (especially grain, olive oil and wine) arrived to “feed the Empire”. We will explore the amphitheatre, […]

Art classes

Art classes Book This Tour Art classes Experience the very best of art classes in the Paese dell’Arte. We are proud to offer group and one-to-one painting and drawing classes with well-known Italian artists. Our Tours Experience more with our multi day itineraries. Ostia Antica You will visit this beautifully-preserved ruins, located 30 minutes away […]

Cooking classes

Cooking classes Book This Tour Cooking classes Let’s start our course with a chat about authentic Roman cuisine and a glass of Prosecco accompanied with some delicious antipasti. The English speaking chef will explain all the dished cooked during the course and their preparation technique. We will share all the tips and insights of Italian […]

Ferrari experience

Ferrari experience Book This Tour Ferrari experience Explore the capital in the iconic Italian supercar – an unforgettable experience! You will visit the beautiful attractions of the Eternal City and learn more about its fascinating past and culture. Are you interested in another type of car or want to drive the Ferrari on the racetrack? […]

Roman Food tour

Roman Food tour Book This Tour Roman Food tour Escaping the crowds we will take you on the tour where you can taste dishes cooked according to traditional recipes and visit places where the locals eat. We will start with some street food and snacks called suppli. At our next stop we will sample some […]

Jewish ghetto tour

Jewish ghetto tour Book This Tour Jewish ghetto tour The Roman Jewish Ghetto is packed with history. It is a bustling and fancy neighbourhood, famous for its restaurants. The highlights of this area are the synagogue, built in 1905, with its Jewish museum and the Jewish high school. We walk through the cobbled streets laden […]

Colosseum & Roman Forum (gladiator’s experience)

Colosseum & Roman Forum (A Gladiator’s Experience) Book This Tour Colosseum & Roman Forum (A Gladiator’s Experience) You will find yourself in the exact spot where gladiators once battled in front of jeering crowds. Entering this majestic monument by a special entrance accessing directly arena floor you will be given a private tour of the […]