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Where to eat in Rome

Lazio’s cuisine is one of the strongest one in Italy. It is mostly based on fresh meat and vegetables. Fish cuisine is not as developed as other parts of Italy such as Sicily or Campania. As a consequence, first recommendation is to avoid ordering fish unless you are on the coast or in an above-the-average restaurant. Possibly one specialised in fish that receive daily deliveries from the market. Which may be also very expensive. As a second recommendation, we invite our guests to avoid city center restaurants. Rome is visited every year by million of tourists. Unfortunately, many of city center restaurants have dropped their food quality sensibly during the last decade relying on the never-ending flow of tourists. Some of them are real tourists-traps. Therefore we recommend to choice restaurants that are outside the city-center but still inside the ring road (GRA). Of course there are exceptions in city center but they are usually expensive exceptions. Tripadvisor is always a good help under these circumstances.

We encourage our guest to try Roman food just outside Rome. Roman country-side is great to taste traditional food, in trattorie, restaurants and agriturismo. If you feel for fish, Fiumicino, just one hour outside Rome, right on the cost, is the place to go. Perhaps on your way to the Fiumicino airport. Castelli Romani, a series of hills south or Rome are also great to taste traditional food such as “Porchetta di Ariccia” and try the traditional wine from Castelli Romani. If you have any doubt, or want to have recommendations, we encourage you to call, email or whatsup us at any time.