Yoga vacation in Italy

Last year was tough on all of us. It left a feeling of uncertainty and worry. While searching for some relief and peace of mind, I started a regular yoga practice. I had previously done yoga, but never on a daily basis, it was more an irregular activity. With the lockdown and not being able to go out much, I decided to practice every day, starting with only 10-15 min. I also started to read more on the subject, study its roots and benefits. This experience inspired me to create a vacation focused on well-being and stress relief, and yoga is a perfect tool for that.

Before yoga was a popular physical exercise, it was mainly a meditation practice. Yoga has many benefits, including calming the mind and strengthening the body; it also improves your balance and flexibility. Relaxation is built into every yoga session, so it is a perfect way to relieve stress. Breathing techniques are an essential part of yoga, which help further to balance and tranquilise. The beauty of yoga is that anyone can practice it, does not matter what fitness level you are; everyone will find its way. Yoga is a great physical exercise, but it might also become a new way to bond with family and friends.

When planning to travel to Italy, you might not automatically think “yoga vacation”, but trust me in the recent years’ yoga became increasingly popular throughout the country. There are many certified teachers and many outstanding locations to practice.  Yoga that we offer is set in beautiful venues and can be combined with visiting and enjoying the local area. It can be a one off experience while you are staying in Italy, or you could join our digital detox retreat that includes yoga sessions.

Here I brought some examples of the yoga activities that we offer:

Yoga in the vineyard – participate in yoga practice and wine tasting, surrounded by spectacular views. Explore the area of peace and tranquillity, immerse yourself in yoga and then enjoy a visit to the vineyards with a tasting of wines. Learn about the wine-making process and open your mind to all the sensations and different flavours.

Yoga with a view (in Florence or Rome)  – Italian cities have spectacular spots to do your practice and enjoy the views. There are many villas and parks in Rome where we can organise the yoga session like Villa Pamphili, Villa Torlonia or Colle Oppio (Opium Hill). Just a short walk from the Colosseum, these are ideal settings to do your practice.  Instead in Florence, you can discover the rooftop terraces, which have a fantastic view of all of the city, including all the iconic Florentine monuments like Duomo. Enjoy your yoga session while admiring the city from above.

If you are into more calm locations and love the seaside, we have a perfect yoga session on the Amalfi Coast, known for its breathtaking views such as dramatic cliffs, splendid beaches and quaint little villages. Yoga on the beach – enjoy a morning full of beautiful views, seaside, yoga and tranquillity. Relax and breathe to release all the stress and get rid of worries. We will end the session with a meditation to have a full experience.

Yoga as a part of our digital detox retreat – how do you feel about the idea of an offline vacation? A digital detox meaning you disconnect from all the devices to be present and find yourself. Join the 4-day retreat in a picturesque village in Chianti. You can do it as a family or a couple or even on your own. Unwind and relax in a local farmhouse –  agriturismo, enjoying daily walks, yoga sessions, wine tastings, meeting the locals and getting to know the area.

Our team makes sure that only professionals and certified teachers carry the activities that we offer. You can combine yoga with meditation, breath training or a session with a health/life coach. It’s all tailored to your needs, and we are there for you to provide concierge throughout your stay.

We suggest to combine yoga stays with nature escape and enjoy the beauty of Bel Paese, visit the mountains, lakes, national parks and many more. Yoga and nature are a perfect combination that will bring you peace and balance, especially after the pandemic time.