Discover Tuscany’s Versilia and La Conca di Camaiore

Tuscany is well-known in the world for its country-side sceneries, its food and of course for its art. Tuscany coastline is also known for its sandy beaches and resorts. However, Tuscany seaside it is not just beach. The cost is full of historical buildings such as Palazzo Mediceo (Unesco site), castles, cathedrals and home to some of the most spectacular natural reserves in Italy, such as the Lipu Oasi Massaciuccoliand the Apuan Alps Park.

The Oasi of Massaciuccoli is nearby the homonymous lake Massaciuccoli. It is home of a large variety of seasonal and sedentary birds, both aquatic and land birds. It offers spectacular walks in the nature at a walking distance from ancient Roman ruins.

The Apuan alps, including the mount Forato, offers unspoiled views of nature around these gorgeous calcareous mountains. It is possible toobserve also remains of a pre-historical civilization living in the area.

In the bay of Camaiore, you can visit the village of Camaiore you can visit the beautiful cathedral of San Pietro (San Pietro Abbey) and walk the via Francigena, a series of streets that from France lead to Rome, the destination of Christian peregrines during the middle ages.

From Camaiore, you can find within short distance, the city of Pietrasanta, also known as little Athens, for its tradition with marble working, where you can stroll the city and admire the work of well-known artists such as Botero and Mitoraj.

Not far from these cities there is Forte dei Marmi, a posh destination if you are looking for fancy ateliers and top classes hotels.